About Us

Oozle is the combination of extensive knowledge and understanding of fibre networking, telecoms infrastructure and GPON.

The team behind Oozle has a vast depth of experience in fibre optics and telecoms. Drawing on decades of first-hand telecoms knowledge in the Rail, Highways and Utilities sectors, the team believe that the future of networking is fibre. Real fibre, throughout the entire network, from feed to end-user.

GPON technology is the future of networking, and with over 1000 businesses connected to date, the team at Oozle are ready to help create the network of your future.

Case Studies

BBC UGLI Building – Central London

A high performance fibre optic network has been successfully installed and commissioned within an old four storey building in central London, which initially housed forty five small businesses in self-contained, secure offices.


Using passive optic equipment supplied by Passcomm, the network provides secure, future proof high speed connectivity for voice, video and data traffic to each individual business.

The user devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones are connected to the service via dedicated copper or wireless interfaces.

Each business is provided with a specific guaranteed symmetric connection speed of between 30Mb/s and 1Gb/s depending upon their specific needs. Since the initial installation, a further fifteen businesses have been added onto this network with a projected total of eighty businesses when the building is fully re-occupied.

By using OLT’s and ONU’s, all switchgear is removed from the network. This has significant effects on the network design and costs.

  • Up to 75% reduction in CapEx costs.
  • Removes requirement for Air Conditioned Comms Rooms (up to 85% saving on power).
  • Space requirements cut by up to 92%.
  • Passive equipment does not require mains power.

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